Improve patent management  - how to reduce costs?
There are several ways to reduce costs. First of all think of if the patent filing is really necessary, and if the invention is worth. Then think of your patenting strategy, sometimes filing in one or 2 important regions (e.g. US and EP) is enough. Then find local patent attorneys to cooperate.
For example your US patent application must not be done by a German patent attorney located in Munich. Find a good one in Texas. If you have more than 10 patent applications per year, make a flat sum arrangement with your attorney. Make every year an assessment of your existing patent portfolio and decide which patents to stop paying  fees.
Check up different service providers, for example there are annuities specialists which can reduce the yearly paid fees.
Last but not least: before you file a patent make a good prior art research; which can beware you of paying application fees for nothing or having a granted patent which is so closed to the state of the art and being latently invalid.

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