ip4sme Questions of SMEs without Patent

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?
Where do I get appropriate training?
How can I find a solution on my technical problem?
Why should I go for IPR?
Why is IP relevant to SME?
What are the benefits of going for IPR?
What are the drawbacks of going for IPR?
How do I get funding for patent application?
Do I infringe?
What do I do when I know that I'm infringing?
Which IPR is appropriate to my invention/idea?
Is there any obligation to conduct a prior art search?
Where do I get basic information?
Where do I get basic timeline information?
Where do I get basic costs information?
How can I find the patent of my competitor?
Are the requirements for a patent application the same in each country?
What are the differences in each country regarding Software Applications?
Can I register copyright?
How can I protect my trademark?
What kinds of trademark can be registered?
What is an industrial design?
What kind of protection does an industrial design right offer?
What kind of products can benefit from industrial design protection?
How are industrial designs protected?
What is the difference between an industrial design right and a patent?
What can be protected using copyright?

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